joint protest organized by Leftist Youth from various Arab countries

Leftist Youth from various Arab countries have organized a joint protest to express our condemnation to the genocides inflicted on Palestinian People by Israel and to denounce the cowardly stance of Arab and International Governments to these atrocious crimes.

Break your Silence and Join us to show the world that we, the youth of these countries, do not represent in any way the shameful stances of our governments and to demand an end to these brutal mass murders of civilians, women and children in Palestine.

Long Live Peace and Liberty
Long Live the People of Palestine

Organized by:
– Bahrain Youth Society (Al-Shabeeba)
– Lebanese Democratic Youth Union – ULDY
– Syrian Democratic Youth Union
– Jordanian Youth (Al-Shabeeba)

The Youth of the mentioned countries will be protesting together at the same time, each in their country. A vigil will be lit to honor the Martyrs and courageous Palestinian people and expressive posters will be raised.


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  1. Date, time and place of the joint protest?????

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