Anti-Davos protest ban could spark violence -group

GENEVA (Reuters) – Left-wing parties and anti-capitalist groups denounced a “dictatorial” ban on a demonstration planned for January 31 in Geneva against the Davos World Economic Forum and said the move could cause violence. 

One group planning to march through the city center said on Thursday that the organizers would meet soon to discuss how to react to the decision by the Socialist-controlled government of the canton of Geneva.

“The decision risks producing the opposite effect to what was intended and provoking incidents, because some people will not submit to this dictate,” said a statement from the small Les Communistes party.

The Solidarite grouping which links radical left parties in Geneva’s cantonal parliament, or Council, and had declined to take part in the march, said it opposed the ban — demanded by right-wing parties — as a violation of public freedoms.

Announcing the ban earlier this week, the Socialist President of the Council — effectively head of government — Laurent Moutinot said he felt he was not banning a protest “but taking measures against a gathering of rioters”.

Anti-Forum groups argue that it is a focus for capitalist leaders from government and industry to plan how to maintain domination of the global economy and pursue exploitation of workers in the West and the peoples of poor countries.


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