Government fails to win farmers over

Tractors rumbled over the Acheloos River on Saturday on their way to block the road linking Antirio,



Tractors rumbled over the Acheloos River on Saturday on their way to block the road linking Antirio, in western Greece, with Ioannina, in the northwest. Pressing authorities for details about a proposed aid package, farmers have set up new roadblocks. They have threatened to block the bridge over the Isthmus of Corinth today.

As thousands of farmers across the country kept their tractors parked at key road junctions for the seventh day in a row yesterday, paralyzing transport, Agricultural Development Minister Sotiris Hatzigakis pledged to provide farmers with the precise details of subsidies they are demanding as a precondition for calling off their action.

Emerging from a three-hour meeting with unionists representing several road blockades across the country, Hatzigakis said he was confident that the government would “satisfy the farmers” and that there would “no longer be any reason for tractors to remain on the roads.”

But the minister stressed that there was no chance of any increase to a proposed 500-million-euro aid package to farmers. “The government will not give one euro more than this,” he said.

Some details about the breakdown of the aid package, per product and per hectare, were revealed yesterday and the remainder will be announced today, Hatzigakis said.

Farmers leaving yesterday’s meeting did not appear particularly enthused, with some saying that they had “expected more” and others stressing that roadblocks would continue.

There were also signs that the movement had splintered. Unionists attending yesterday’s meeting represented only one section of farmers. A new group, calling itself the Greek Farmers’ Coordinating Body, is due to send representatives to talk with ministry officials in Athens today.

In the meantime, tractors remained parked at dozens of strategic points across the national road network and near the borders with Turkey and Bulgaria. Blockades set up several days ago along the Athens-Thessaloniki national road and in northern and western Greece remained in place over the weekend, while several new ones sprung up. One of the largest new blockades was on the national road connecting Antirio, in western Greece, to the northwestern town of Ioannina. Farmers also set up new blockades at the junctions of Malgara, Halkidona and Yiannitsa.

Farmers have threatened to spread disruption into the Peloponnese today by blocking the bridge over the Isthmus of Corinth.

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Authorities unable to control the student movement in even central Athens.


Unrest returned to the streets of the capital on Saturday when dozens of self-styled anarchists clashed with riot police during an anti-government protest.

According to police, about 150 hooded youths broke away from the main body of the march, comprising about 1,000 people, and started throwing rocks and other objects at police. Riot officers responded by firing tear gas and detained three people for questioning. There were no reports of injuries.

The rioters, demanding the release of those arrested during last month’s ferocious riots, torched a newspaper kiosk and a bus station and smashed several storefronts. They then proceeded to Exarchia, the district where a teenager was killed by a a police bullet last month, where they set fire to several trash cans and a car and smashed up sidewalks.

A similar march took place in the western city of Patras, causing damage to a newspaper office and other buildings.

In Thessaloniki late on Saturday, self-styled anarchists firebombed a riot police van parked outside state television offices. There were no injuries or arrests.

مازالت انتفاضة اليسار فى اليونان تتصاعد

نتيجة لنداء منظمة التحرير الفلسطينية للحكومة و المنظمات اليونانية لمنع شحن الذخائر الى اسرائيل من ميناء استاكوس اليونانى نظمت القوى اليسارية اليونانية فعاليات لاغلاق الميناء لمنع شحن الذخائر وقد قررت الحكومة اليونانية فجاة الغاء شحن الذخائر قامت القوى اليسارية بذلك التحرك تضامنا مع الشعب الفلسطينى فى الارض المحتلة بغزة.

احتلال اتحاد الصحفيين باثينا

قام عاملون فى مجال الصحافة باحتلال مبنى اتحاد الصحفيين باثينا لمقاومة سياسات الاعلام المناهضة لتمرد الشباب اليسارى والداعم لمصالح الراسماليين و الملاك والذى وضح فى توجيه الاعلام باوامرهم ولتشويه حركة التمرد ومقاومتها بالاكاذيب و الايديولوجيا المضادة وظهر فى اتخاذ اجراءات عقابية ضد التغطية الحقيقية للاحداث كما ظهر فى فصل المصور فى جريدة الصحافة الحرة لنشره صورة شرطى يشهر مسدسه فى ثانى ايام الانتفاضة
المحتلون للاتحاد يعلنون انهم لن يخدعوا انفسهم وانهم يعلمون ان الاعلام موجه لغير مصالحهم ولهذا فهم يحتلون الاتحا\د لاجبار الاعلام على اتخاذ مواقف فى صف المتمردين وحقوقهم بدلا من الانصياع لاوامر الملاك